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CE Reporting Form with Instructions 

Application - (Traditional, Temporary)

Instructions for Application - (Traditional, Temporary)

ABCR TL1 - (Temporary Licensure application)

Inactive Status Application
(Inactive status: a person not actively engaging in the practice of court reporting and their License can be restored within 5 years of being
put on inactive status without retesting. After the five years you will have to reapply for an initial license and re-test.)

Restoration of Licensure Application

Instructions for Inactive Status Application & Restoration of Licensure

Reinstatement of Revoked Licensure Application

Instructions and Checklist for Reinstatement Application

Change of Information Form

Verification of Licensure

Consumer Complaint Form

Notice of Retirement Form
(Not Practicing/retired: a person that has moved, retired or just changed professions and is not going to be practicing anymore.
This status prevents you from getting your license in a revoked status but you will have to re-apply and re-test to ever practice in Alabama again.)

Notice of Inactive Status

Request for Licensees Mailing Addresses