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License Roster Search

Search by Last Name or ACCR#. If you do not find the individual you are looking for on this Roster, please contact the ABCR office at board@abcr.alabama.gov or 334-328-7708 (there can be up to a 48 hour delay in new licensure information being posted by the web site provider).

Please click on “View Details” for additional licensure information including any disciplinary actions taken and Supervisors for Temporary Licenses (TL’s), etc.

Please click on the “Disciplinary” tab above for all Disciplinary Actions.

Numbers beginning with “TL” indicates Temporary Licensure.

Last Name or ACCR#:   

ACCR #NameStatus 
621Odom , MelissaActive View Details
681Hare-Britt , LaurenActive View Details
688Moody , DannahActive View Details
TL-2063Love , HannahActive View Details
TL-2065Kent , JessicaActive View Details
164Lee , MelissaActive View Details
671Williams , JessicaActive View Details
626Ross , KatieActive View Details
629Key , LaceeActive View Details
654Washburn , JosephActive View Details